Millenia Recycling Center in Lopez, Florida

Whether you’re looking to recycle aluminum, plastic, or metal, the Millennium Recycling Center in Lopez, Florida can help you do it. The center has a full service, state-of-the-art facility, and can handle all of your scrap metal needs. They’ve also been recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency as one of the best recycling facilities in the state.
Single Stream Recycling

Using Single Stream Recycling is a convenient way to dispose of your recyclables. It’s also safer, more efficient and less expensive. Single stream recycling can be collected at curbside or at a recycling center.

The single stream system works by collecting all recyclable materials in one container. example RV Buyers are then taken to a recycling facility for processing. These recyclables are sold on international markets. The process is cheaper for waste haulers and saves fuel.

The most common materials that are collected are “The Big Five”: plastic, paper, glass, aluminum and steel. These materials are sorted using a combination of mechanical and manual methods.

Single stream recycling programs have become more popular over the past five to ten years. This is because they save companies money, reduce overhead costs, and allow businesses to recycle more easily. Using Single Stream Recycling helps businesses meet their sustainability goals, too.
Renew Service Center

Besides the obligatory curbside collection, the county has 5 self-service recycling centers in the works. The largest and most well-lit is located near the county’s headquarters, aka the county seat. Among detailed break down here , the facility offers recycling bins, garbage collection and a surprisingly large amount of free Wi-Fi. There is also a posh retail outlet where you can snag a nicer than usual price on the latest and greatest in high-tech, high-quality furnishings. The surrounding community has an enviable set of amenities including a community pool, a dog park, and a golf course. Besides the standard offerings, the community boasts a slew of boutiques and restaurants. Moreover, this small community offers an excellent quality of life, courtesy of the county’s well-trained police and fire departments.

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